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What is Craft Beer

In the past few years, you might have seen the beer shelves change a little bit in your local supermarket. Indeed, an army of colourful and unlikely-named beers have invaded the beer market. Even if you do not like beer, it is increasingly hard to ignore the ever-growing popularity of craft beer in the UK and all over the world. But you might be wondering, what is craft beer?


According to the Cambridge Dictionary,  beer is: “an alcoholic drink made from grain and hops".  But there is no definite definition of ‘craft beer’. As a result, everyone has their own opinion and definition of what craft beer is. But put simply, craft beer is beer produced in small batches by independent brewers, often microbreweries and nano breweries. Craft beer is produced in lower volumes each year and tends to place a greater emphasis on experimentation and diversity. As there is no official definition of what craft beer is, each brewer can create their own meaning and version of what craft beer is to them. Which is great news for all beer lovers as it translates into more exciting beer for us!


Although traditional artisanal brewing has existed in Europe for centuries and has expanded to other nations, the microbrewing movement only emerged in the 1970s in the United States and the United Kingdom. A more inclusive definition of craft brewing appeared as the movement progressed, and some brewers extended their output and distribution.


In the last few years, craft beer has grown more and more popular. And with all the interesting and unusual ciders available in the shops, people are used to their favourite drinks being reworked and revolutionised. The UK has a rich and thriving craft beer scene that is at the forefront of creativity, experimentation, innovation and artistry.


Although there are no rules in the craft beer business, there are a few common features that can indicate a craft beer:

-Taste and Flavour: Craft beers tend to be more experimental and offer bolder and more exciting flavours.

-Aesthetics and Branding: In the same way craft beers tend to be bolder in taste, they also are more fun and interesting in their aesthetics and branding. If a beer has a fun and artsy design and colours, it is very likely to be craft beer.

-Brewery: Craft beer is most often made in microbreweries and nano-breweries.

-Quantities: Because craft beers are produced by smaller structures, they are also produced in smaller quantities. This mean that your favourite craft beer might only be available in the local area around the breweries and in specialised shops.

-Serve: Craft beer usually comes in 330ml cans and glass bottles.


Craft beer tends to lean towards bolder flavours, hoppier notes and doesn’t shy away from surprising additions of fruits, sweets, spices and more. But most importantly, craft breweries put great emphasis on quality and excellence. Craft beer is usually sold in 330ml cans or bottles, which is a smaller serving size than standard ale and lager. The reason for this is that craft beer tends to have  a greater ABV than traditional beer.


Hopefully, this little introduction to the craft brewing world has been enlightening and will help you navigate the beer isles (and our website) more easily! Order your craft beer today.

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