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A World Cup Tour With Our Beers

The entire world has been captivated by the World Cup this year and with surprises in every round it has been difficult to switch off! Fear not, if you are going to miss the World Cup, we’ve got you covered with a World Cup tour of beer!

England and Wales

It is only right we start with the home nations and we have a great option for our UK football fans! Whilst not the most conventional option, we’ve decided to celebrate all things cider. 

If you are after something a little fruity, give Peacock cider a try. Available in classic apple, mango and lime and lychee and lime. A great option for those who aren’t the biggest fan of beer.


Travel to the land of the rising sun with Sapporo. Sapporo is steeped in history, and the coolness and bubbles are locked in by the traditional steel can for a delicious fizz. Give this beer a try and you are bound to experience the same cool and calm feeling the team do when it gets to penalty time!


It's time to take a journey to Mexico for some merry fiestas and tasty Mexican cuisine. Dos Equis  is a Mexican classic that is well-liked by both residents and visitors. Depending on how zesty you feel, you may serve this light, citrus lager with or without lime!


From Mexico we are jumping on a flight the Algarve in Portugal and we are heading to a small fishing village called Sagres where you’ll find Sagres beer, which is also available in a 0% alcohol version for those who prefer to go alcohol free.

We hope you enjoy tasting the World Cup in beer form, shop the full range today.

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