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Mother's Day

Take your mother on a trip through her taste buds this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day… where do we start?

There is no doubt that one day is simply not enough to honour the women that brought us into this world, so these special twenty-four hours should be used to their ultimate capacity. Sometimes the realities of life can often blur our perspective towards the ones we love most and make us forget to realise that our mothers (and motherly figures) are working an endless job dedicated to helping us grow and blossom into the people we are today.

Undoubtedly the last twelve months have been unforgettable, a year when emotions of strength, patience and optimism have been tested to the limits – and all of us, including our mum’s, have lacked a well-earned break. We currently may not be able to travel by foot or plane, nor buy her a beer in the pub, but from home, you can help her travel through her taste buds.

It is time to whisk your mum away on a culinary expedition filled with adventure and great-tasting beer. Let this article take you through a whirlwind of dishes and accompanying beers from the Wanderlust range to tickle your mother’s palate. Whether it be trialling the tastes of Sri Lanka, absorbing the spices of India or indulging in Italian cuisine, we’ve got your back.

Dish Ideas for Mother’s Day and their accompanying beers


For those who love Italian food but with a Sardinian twist. Sandwiched between Corsica and Sicily, Sardinia is known for its crystal waters and vibrant architecture, a perfect island for pure escapism.



Brewed in Assemini, Ichnusa is known for its popularity in Sardinia among both locals and tourists. Not only has it been a favourite among Sardinians since the lager was founded in 1912, but it has also become a favourite across Sardinia’s neighbouring country, Italy. The locality of Sardinia provides the opportunity to experience some of its most renowned dishes and with the accompaniment of an Ichnusa, there is no doubt it will send your mother to a utopia of Sardinian flavour.



This pasta dish is unique to Sardinia. Similar to couscous, the pasta occupies a native twist and is hand-made using a scivedda (sieve) dividing durum wheat, semolina and water into small rounded balls. Fregola encompasses a nutty yet chewy flavour and is conventionally served with Sardinian clams in a rich, tomato sauce. Recipe link here.


Straight from the region of Ogliastra, culurgiones are a Sardinian speciality. Traditionally eaten on festive occasions such as Thanksgiving or ‘Day of the Dead’, the food is a great start to unravelling the Island’s culture. Culurgiones are small doughy parcels commonly filled with boiled potato, olive oil, pecorino cheese, garlic and mint. They are often lightly topped with a sweet tomato sauce to level out the aroma of flavour. Recipe link here.



Hola señoritas y señores!

A place where the food is as hot as the climate. Mexican food is certainly no stranger in the UK and it’s the perfect option for a fiesta on Mother’s Day.


Dos Equis

Its crisp and golden flavours are a perfect accompaniment for Fajitas. Topped with lime or without, this beer oozes freshness with its citrus undertones, perfect for washing down those Mexican spices.



Well of course we had to mention this dish – it’s a classic. The great thing about fajitas is their adaptability and the choice of fillings is endless so you can really fit them to your mum’s palate. Vegan? No problem, swap meat fillings for veggie options such as peppers or mushrooms. Vegan sour creams are also store-available or go wild and make some yourself! Recipe link here and vegan recipe here.

Chiles en nogada

I know, you’re probably thinking “What on earth is that”? And you’ll probably feel the same if looking it up. Chiles en nogada is known for its patriotism. The dish is comprised of green Poblano chillies filled with a plethora of meats, fruits and spices topped with a walnut cream sauce and garnished with pomegranate seeds. Bit of an interesting one we know, but if you are able to make this for your mother, you will have certainly earnt brownie points in the kitchen. Recipe link here.


Sri Lanka

The first term that comes to mind when thinking of Sri Lankan food is ‘rice’ though it’s much more than that. The dishes are comprised of tropical fruits, vegetables, fish and coconut. The Sri Lankan cuisine is one which bursts in colour – great for mums with a creative flare.


Lion Lager

This premium beer screams adventure. Made with roasted malts, this lager provides sweet yet subtle tones of caramel and fruity flavours alongside side its refreshing taste. This beer is for the leadership mums, those who exuberate great strength and wisdom, such traits are symbolised by the beer’s symbolic lion.


Devilled sweet and sour fish curry

Why is it devilled you ask? Because devilled means adding spice and seasoning to food dishes. Through a combination of fried fish, tomato, onion and capsicum sauce this dish screams vacation. Recipe link here.


Polos curry

No, I don’t mean the mint. Polos curry is made up of the controversial jackfruit. A fruit which tastes like meat, its fibrous texture is perfect for a chicken or pork substitute, and with a sweet taste, it’s definitely worth a try. Recipe link here.


Tip: Jackfruit can now be found in most grocery stores and online.



Who doesn’t love the golden curb of Portugal’s coast? The country screams summer and so does its cuisine.



To those of you who are familiar with Portugal, you certainly won’t be clueless to this lager. As the national beer of Portugal and named after the south-western Portuguese town ‘Sagres’, it’s a beer known for its authenticity. It’s a pale lager accompanied with a dry and bitter taste, perfect to tone down the strong tastes of the Mediterranean Sea.


Cataplana de marisco
Calling all seafood lovers, this one’s for you. A favourite from the Algarve comprised of prawns, clams and chorizo, it’s a dish for the summer. Recipe link here.



Who doesn’t enjoy a curry? The options are limitless and there’s a dish for all tastes. India is effective in its ability to capture the culture through its food and really does encapsulate what is known as ‘the spice of life’. Spice is a key ingredient of Indian cuisine with cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and coriander forming the base flavours for many curry dishes including the world’s hottest curry – the Indian Phaal which uses Scorpion and Naga peppers.



Choosing a beer with an Indian can be difficult, whether it be a hot or mild curry, it is key to opt for the right beer in order to avoid poor digestion. You might have guessed it, but Kingfisher is a renowned Indian beer and with a heritage of over 150 years, it is the perfect partner for whichever curry you choose to go for. A sip of its refreshing taste and a bite of Madras will transport you to the southern regions of India, leaving you with a taste for adventure.


Hot curries: Phall (very very hot), Vindaloo, Jalfrezi, Madras

Medium curries: Bhuna, Masala

Mild curries: Korma, Pasanda, Biriyani

credit: @canweeat

Madras recipe.

Bhuna recipe.

Pasanda recipe.


Not sure where to take your mother’s taste buds this Mother’s Day?

If you have reached this stage, you are probably overwhelmed by the range of exotic dishes you are able to cook with some of our worldwide beers. However, if you are stuck for a choice or if your mother is not a fan of beer we have an alternative for you.


Peacock cider

Made with a blend of pressed apples, this premium cider is no stranger to the travelling world. Originally from South-East Asia and crafted in the UK, this cider is rooted in Asian culture and a delectable partner to curries and Asian-inspired cuisine. It isn’t called Peacock for nothing, the bird is symbolic of Asian culture meaning kindheartedness in Japan and wisdom in Thailand, it is a cider ideal for meat dishes and hot curries.
It comes in two flavours: Peacock Apple and Peacock Mango & Lime.

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