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Eggcellent Easter

Make your Easter more than egg-cellent


With Easter around the corner there’s no better chance than to give into temptation. A four-day weekend means four days to relish in a plethora of chocolate and hot cross buns, which are notorious for being an Easter classic. We’re all guilty of saying the phrase “I’ll just have half of that chocolate egg” but let’s face it, as soon as the foil is unwrapped its game over.

Spring into Easter… the start of lighter evenings, sunnier days and a warmer temperature –the ideal time to dust off the barbecue’s and share a long awaited cold beer with your friends. It’s true, our younger selves used to love the yearly Easter egg hunts, the aimless search for little eggs of melting goodness, providing priceless satisfaction; though after twenty, thirty or even sixty Easters, are we bored of eating the same Malteser chocolate egg each year? Probably not – 50% of men still love chocolate at Easter. But would we like to try something a little different? Oh definitely.

So let’s break the mould and lucky enough, we’ve got you covered.

With the remaining 50% of men in our country voting “Beer” as their preferred treat of choice, why not deliver the best of both worlds. This Easter experience a little adventure by indulging in two of our most delectable worldwide lagers Kingfisher and Lion alongside a fiery, dark chocolate treat in our Easter bundle. This bundle allows you to contrast the refreshing citrus flavours of Kingfisher against Lion’s sweet dark notes whilst biting into an intense Aztec chocolate infused with vanilla and chilli spices. If that doesn’t taste like adventure, I don’t know what does.
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