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What is Domus Grappa?

If you enjoy a good drink and seek unique flavours and aromas, you might want to sit down and get comfy because this article will change your drinking experience.

By firstly giving a brief description of what grappa is and how it is made, the purpose of this article is to introduce you to the distinctive spirit brand, Domus Grappa, so you know which drink to try out next! Whether you're a seasoned grappa aficionado or simply curious about this unique drink, our blog offers a comprehensive and informative guide on how to properly taste and enjoy this beloved spirit. 

About Grappa

So first things first, what is grappa? Think of it as the Italian version of brandy that can be used as a digestif or as the star ingredient for some cocktails. Its alcohol content by volume may vary between 37.5% to 60%, so it’s most definitely not a light drink at all! 

However, what distinguishes it from other after-dinner drinks (besides its flavour, of course), is the process behind its making…

Grappa is the product of distilling the remaining skins, seeds, pulps, and stems (aka pomace) of winemaking once the grapes have been pressed. The distillation process aims to extract not only the alcohol from pomace but also its aromas, which are a key component of grappa. Actually, what distinguishes a good grappa is its ability to exhibit a recognisable terroir (much like wine), capturing the essence of the grape variety that was used in its production. 

Additionally, there are two main things that grappa makers look out for in order to achieve the freshest flavour. They make sure that the pomace is made from lightly pressed grapes, and that it’s fermented while still moist. Water steam is then added to the pomace and proceeds to be heated for distillation, allowing the mixture to separate. The resulting beverage can be aged for up to six months in a bottle. 

So now, what is it that makes Domus Grappa incomparable?

Introducing Domus Grappa

Domus is the Latin term for home, which is exactly what this sweet spirit is about, taking a journey to the beautiful Italian region of Piedmont, home to the Ruché red grape that brings Domus Grappa to life. This type of grape is grown in the hills of only a few villages in Castagnole Monferrato, adding to the particularity and uniqueness of this grappa. 

Recognised by the Italian government and granted the highest quality standards DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) label, Domus Grappa brings an authentic flavour to unimaginable levels. It transforms the world of spirits while simultaneously prevailing the essence of grappa heritage through ingrained traditions, artisanal production methods, the grape sourcing and distillation. 

Domus Grappa creates a smooth, elegant and savoury drink. The fruity and floral scents of white peach, aloe vera and rose blossom blend in perfectly with the taste of bread, roasty almonds and milky chocolate. The aftertaste sensation is then a delicious longer finish of these flavours with a soft rose water touch. With this Italian spirit, you’ll be immersing yourself in a blend of exquisite flavours and aromas.

Having a scent, taste and aftertaste that resemble those of the four seasons, this grappa is the perfect drink to serve either neat or in cocktails at any time of the year. Because of the versatile nature and social context of grappa, Domus Grappa is ideal for sharing with family and friends, as well as for creating innovative drinks.

Who knew 500 ml would be enough to transport you to an everlasting Italian dream? Get your Domus Ruché Grappa and enjoy a fine spirit experience. After a trip to Italy, let the rest of our spirit collection take you on an international adventure.

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