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All about Dos

Get to know Dos Equis a little better

As one of Mexico’s well-known lagers, Dos Equis is certainly no stranger to the beer industry. Its continual growth has caused the beer to become one of Americas most fastest growing lager brands. With its wacky adverts, citrus undertones and surprising use as a cocktail ingredient, it is definitely a beer for the bold.


Dos Equis is acquainted with Germany

The name  'Dos Equis' is of course Mexican and is translated as 'twentieth century', though the beer was in fact created by German immigrant and brewer Wilhelm Haase. However, Haase’s immigration did not mean he wanted to leave his heritage behind, his aim was to merge the culture and tradition of his home country and Mexico through the taste of a single beer.  Since, he has proved successful with the invention of Dos Equis in Mexico as well as further distribution to the US in the year of 1973, when beer was first imported there.


Swap cocktails for beertails

Not only is Dos Equis a refreshing beverage when drank alone, but the versatility of the beer and its citrus undertones also makes for the perfect cocktail ingredient. But what would a Mexican cocktail be without tequila?! Dos Equis gently partners tequila blanco and reposado alongside a mixture of lime, agave nectar and grapefruit to create cocktails full of zest and flavour.

Like the sound of this?

Find Dos Equis cocktail recipe here.


It’s the perfect accompaniment to traditional Mexican dishes

This dish sounds like an enchilada, but in fact, it is much more than that. Originating from Oaxaca, enmoladas are tortillas filled with crumbled cheese and shredded chicken, slathered in a mole sauce and topped with sesame seeds and finely sliced onions. Mole sauce often provides a sweeter taste with ingredients such as chillies, nuts, raisins, tomatoes and spices, though the such sweetness is balanced when drunk with the bitter taste of a Dos Equis to provide the correct balance of flavour.

Find the recipe here.

Whilst we’re no stranger to corn on the cob, Mexicans like to make the dish a little differently. They do this by traditionally boiling corn to serve it with a layer of mayonnaise, sour cream, lime butter, salt and chilli powder smothered on the top. The dish is commonly found within street food markets served as a light snack, and eaten alongside a Dos Equis, it is certainly a combination full of flavour.

Find the recipe here.


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