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A Guide to Different Beer Types

Whether you are a seasoned beer drinker looking to try something new, a beer newbie on the hunt for your perfect pint or just want to expand your knowledge of beer then this blog is for you! We’ve covered everything from classic lagers to IPAs to create the ultimate beer guide.



Lagers are the world’s most popular type of beer. You’ll usually find several lager options in bars and pubs, as well as seeing some big names advertised on TV. Lagers are generally stored at low temperatures to keep the beer nice and cool as well as ensuring a smooth, crisp finish. Lagers are usually a pale golden yellow, highly carbonated and have a low to medium hop intensity. We have a wide range of lagers on offer including Sagres and Sapporo, shop the full range. 



A favourite across Britain for decades, ales offer a much more robust and complex flavour than lagers. When drinking a pint of ale you will likely taste fruit, nut and malted notes on the palette. Unlike lagers, ales are brewed with top fermenting yeast at cellar temperature, giving them a brown, reddish colour. If you are looking for a full-bodied ale, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for with our range of ales, order yours to try today. 


India Pale Ales (IPA)

IPAs made their way to the UK after many travellers wanted a taste of the beer they had enjoyed in Indian at home. IPAs are hop forward, meaning the brewer spends time carefully selecting hop varieties from around 200 different styles. IPAs range from clear to hazy and light to dark, it really does depend on the type of hops used. You’ll find citrus and fruity notes as well as notes of honey, tropical fruits, or earthy flavours. There are so many IPAs to choose from, it might take tasting a few to find your favourite! Start with a classic, Bombay Bicycle Club.



Stouts are bold and rich in flavour, typically with a creamy texture. Stouts are brewed with top fermented with un-malted, roasted barley to create their dark colour. When drinking stout you are likely to find notes of cereal, chocolate and coffee. Whilst perhaps the most famous stout is the Irish classic Guinness, our Lion Stout is a great option with a strong bite and chocolatey after-taste, buy it to try here.


You can shop our full range of beers on our website, we even have some great bundles so you can try a few different beers!

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